PLL 11 Undrafted Rookies to Watch 5/9/24

Photo Courtesy of PLL

By Adam Lamberti | May 9, 2024

We knew there were going to be some very good undrafted players because of how deep this draft was. Many coaches commented on not only the depth of this class during the pre-draft press conferences, but how many good players would be available following the draft. You get the sense many coaches are chomping at the bit to get some more quality players, and here are 11 of my favorite below.

1. Scott Cole (A/M – Lehigh)

Scott Cole is going to be an absolute steal for whatever team scoops him up. Myself (and many others) were absolutely shocked Cole wasn’t drafted on Tuesday evening. A strong righty who can bring it on the run, Cole projects as a midfielder in the PLL with his athleticism. He’s done nothing but elevate the Lehigh program since he stepped foot on campus, culminating in a Patriot League title his senior year. He’s just a terrific player.

2. Roy Meyer (LSM – Boston University)

Meyer was another name I was pretty shocked to see not come off the board on Tuesday. Meyer’s been one of the best LSMs in the nation since 2021. I’ve rarely seen the lefty out of position. He has excellent footwork, especially out to approaches. He also showcased his offensive ability with two points in the Patriot League championship game. Meyer will be a starting LSM in this league.

3. Chase Yager (SSDM – Virginia)

With the enduring need for SSDM depth in the PLL, I would expect Yager to be scooped up rather quickly. Yager has an endless motor in the middle of the field and plays some of the best on-ball defense from a defensive midfielder I’ve seen. He won’t give you a ton in transition, but is just an excellent and dependable defender.

4. Will Mark (G – Syracuse)

Chayse Ierlan being the second goalie selected over Mark was certainly surprising to some. Mark is a battle-tested goalie out of the ACC who is capable of taking a game over when he gets hot. The problem for Mark will be getting an opportunity at a super competitive position league-wide, but my guess is he will get one based on his talent.

5. Jake Naso (FO – Duke)

Similar to Mark’s situation, Naso enters a league that is chalked full of faceoff talent, so it remains to be seen where he’ll end up. That being said, Naso’s offensive ability is what makes him special and should be valued pretty highly by PLL coaches.

6. Payton Cormier (A – Virginia)

You would think one of the NCAA’s all-time leading goal scorers will end up on a roster. Cormier is a big lefty that has terrific hands inside. His ability to shoot to any location from the same release angle has fooled goalies for years. He’s also a better dodger than he gets credit for.

7. Vince D’Alto (A/M – Boston University)

D’Alto is one of my favorite players to watch in the NCAA. His best attribute is his ability to shoot with both hands, both stationary and on the run. I think this trait is something that will translate well to the PLL, and could be a role he carves out for himself if he gets a training camp invite.

8. Michael Chabra (M – Providence)

Chabra has been steadily rising up my radar. He’s just such a hard cover when he gets going downhill. The lefty had three points against Georgetown in his last career game, but more impressive was how quickly the Hoyas slid to Chabra, understanding what a threat he is sweeping to his strong hand.

9. AJ Mercurio (LSM – Denver)

Mercurio’s name was mentioned a few times on broadcast, and for good reason. He has ideal size at 6-foot-3, 230 lb. and can absolutely bring it in transition. He has some of the highest upside of any players on this list.

10. Brayden Mayea (A – High Point)

Mayea has become a fan favorite with his creative finishing and goal-scoring ability throughout his time at High Point. He has the ability to score in bunches, and I equate him to a smaller Dyson Williams, a thought that could be very intriguing to teams.

11. Dalton Young (A/M – Richmond)

Dalton Young is just a good lacrosse player. I don’t know how else to describe him. A prototypical X attackman, Young has a lightning-quick first step and is a great feeder and initiator. Richmond’s offense has run through him for years, but he’s likely to run out of the box in the PLL. I personally would like to see the Maryland Whipsnakes give him a look.

Also be on the watch for:

  • Brett Martin (SSDM – Johns Hopkins)
  • Matt Knote (G – UMass)
  • Jacob Morin (M – Army)
  • Mike Robinson (A – Delaware)
  • Jackson Bonitz (D – Navy)
  • Chris Conlin (D – Notre Dame)
  • Grant Haus (SSDM – Penn State)
  • Nick Harris (SSDM – Notre Dame)
  • James Shipley (M – UPenn)
  • Dylan Pallonetti (A – Stony Brook)
  • Mason Kohn (FO – Syracuse)
  • Alec Stathakis (FO – Denver)
  • Justin Wietfeldt (FO – Michigan)
  • Saam Olexo (LSM – Syracuse)
  • Matt Wright (LSM – Syracuse)
  • Mustang Sally (SSDM – Loyola)
  • Reece Potter (SSDM – Towson)
  • Jacob Angelus (A/M – Johns Hopkins)
  • Evan James (A/M – Loyola)
  • Jake Cates (M – Boston University)
  • Louis Perfetto (Boston University)
  • Devon McLane (A/M – Notre Dame)