Major League Lacrosse Teams Announce 2020 Rosters 7/7/2020

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Boston, MA – Major League Lacrosse (MLL) announced the 2020, 20th Anniversary, schedule last week. Today, the teams of Major League Lacrosse announced their rosters.

The rosters will include a 25-man active roster. This will allow Major League Lacrosse teams to carry one of the largest rosters in MLL history. With a grueling schedule of games, teams will need the additional legs and endurance. The 25-man roster will be a set roster for the 2020, 20th Anniversary season. Should a member of the 25-man roster test positive for COVID, the team may activate one of their five reserve players.

This season, beginning July 18th, will be played entirely in the city of Annapolis, Maryland. The season will be one-week long and will host all six MLL teams. The week will conclude with a final-four playoff, crowning the 2020 MLL champion the weekend of July 25-26. The Major League Lacrosse season will air on the ESPN Networks and ESPN+.

At the end of the rosters you will find the schedule for Day One Saturday July 18,2020; the Semi-Finals on July 25, 2020; and the Championship Games on Sunday July 26, 2020.

Name Last Name Team Position
Frank Brown Boston Midfield
Mark Cockerton Boston Attack
Bryan Cole Boston Midfield
Scott Corcoran Boston LSM
Cal Dearth Boston Midfield
Nate Farrell Boston Faceoff
Charlie Ford Boston Defense
Matt Gilray Boston LSM
Zach Goodrich Boston SSDM
Scott Hooper Boston Defense
Kyle Jackson Boston Midfield
Dom Madonna Boston Goalie
Nick Marrocco Boston Goalie
Justin Pugal Boston Defense
Kevin Reisman Boston Faceoff
Challen Rogers Boston Midfield
Mike Skudin Boston Defense
Ben Spencer Boston Midfield
Randy Staats Boston Attack
John Uppgren Boston Attack
Bryce Wasserman Boston Attack
Kyle Weber Boston Midfield
John Yozzo-Scaperrotta Boston SSDM
Jason Brewster Boston Defense
Tim Edwards Boston Midfield
Luke Anderson Chesapeake SSDM
Brendan Bomberry Chesapeake Midfield
Nick Chaykowsky Chesapeake Midfield
CJ Costabile Chesapeake Defense
Callum Crawford Chesapeake Midfield
Greg Danseglio Chesapeake Defense
Isaiah Davis-Allen Chesapeake Midfield
Holden Garlent Chesapeake Defense
Colin Heacock Chesapeake Attack
Warren Jeffrey Chesapeake Defense
Ryan Keenan Chesapeake Midfield
Andrew Kew Chesapeake Attack
Chase Levesque Chesapeake LSM
Sam Lucchesi Chesapeake Goalie
Grant Maloof Chesapeake Midfield
Nick Manis Chesapeake Midfield
Nick Mariano Chesapeake Midfield
Zack Melillo Chesapeake Faceoff
Jon Paige Chesapeake Faceoff
Brian Phipps Chesapeake Goalie
Shane Simpson Chesapeake Midfield
Nate Solomon Chesapeake Attack
Leo Stouros Chesapeake Defense
Lyle Thompson Chesapeake Attack
Will Weitzel Chesapeake LSM
Kris Alleyne Connecticut Goalie
Ryan Beville Connecticut Midfield
Kyle Buchanan Connecticut Midfield
Brendan Collins Connecticut Midfield
Matt Farrell Connecticut Defense
Andrew Helmer Connecticut LSM
Landon Kramer Connecticut Defense
Michael Kraus Connecticut Attack
Hayden La Vangie Connecticut LSM
Dan Lomas Connecticut Attack
Ben Martin Connecticut Attack
Ryan McNamara Connecticut Attack
Robert Mooney Connecticut Defense
Adam Osika Connecticut Midfield
Cody Radziewicz Connecticut Midfield
Noah Rak Connecticut Faceoff
Will Renz Connecticut SSDM
Will Sands Connecticut Attack
Gunnar Schimoler Connecticut Defense
Justin Schwenk Connecticut Faceoff
Sean Sconone Connecticut Goalie
Trevor Smyth Connecticut LSM
Bradley Voigt Connecticut Attack
Greg Weyl Connecticut Defense
Luke Wittenberg Connecticut Midfield
Max Adler Denver Faceoff
Pat Aslanian Denver SSDM
Christopher Aslanian Denver Attack
Brian Begley Denver SSDM
Daniel Bucaro Denver Attack
James Burr Denver Attack
Chase Caruso Denver LSM
Casey Dowd Denver Faceoff
John Grant Denver Attack
Charlie Hayes Denver SSDM
Colton Jackson Denver Midfield
Jack Jasinski Denver Midfield
Dylan Jinks Denver Attack
Christian Knight Denver Goalie
Brian Kormondy Denver Midfield
Ryan Lee Denver Attack
Sean Mayle Denver LSM
Garrett Michaeli Denver Defense
Andrew Newbold Denver Defense
Kyle Pless Denver Defense
Michael Rexrode Denver Defense
Mikie Schlosser Denver Midfield
Will Snider Denver Midfield
Taylor Stuart Denver LSM
Nick Washuta Denver Goalie
Mark Andrejack New York Faceoff
Nick Aponte New York Midfield
Andrew Bracy New York Faceoff
Colin Burke New York Midfield
Jack Carrigan New York Defense
Brian Corrigan New York Goalie
Decker Curran New York Midfield
Danny Dolan New York Goalie
Bobby Duvnjak New York Defense
Mark Ellis New York SSDM
Nicky Galasso New York Midfield
Austin Kaut New York Goalie
Brendan Kearns New York Attack
Mike Mayer New York Defense
Dylan Molloy New York Attack
Sean O’Brien New York Midfield
Thomas O’Connell New York SSDM
Connor O’Hara New York Attack
Andrew Pettit New York Attack
Ben Randall New York Defense
Justin Reh New York Midfield
Steven Romano New York SSDM
Alex Spring New York LSM
Peter Welch New York LSM
Tommy Wright New York LSM
Tim Barber Philadelphia Midfield
Eddie Bouhall Philadelphia Defense
Liam Byrnes Philadelphia Defense
Brett Craig Philadelphia LSM
Shane Doss Philadelphia Goalie
Mark Evanchick Philadelphia Defense
Kevin Fox Philadelphia Defense
Tyson Gibson Philadelphia Midfield
Shayne Jackson Philadelphia Attack
Anthony Joaquim Philadelphia Midfield
Ryan MacSpadyen Philadelphia Midfield
Christopher Madalon Philadelphia Goalie
Kyle Marr Philadelphia Attack
Mark Matthews Philadelphia Attack
Jon Mazza Philadelphia Midfield
Carlson Milikin Philadelphia SSDM
Colin Minicus Philadelphia Attack
Will Nowesnick Philadelphia Defense
Tommy Palasek Philadelphia Attack
PT Ricci Philadelphia Defense
Brendan Sunday Philadelphia Attack
Chad Toliver Philadelphia SSDM
Matthew Whitcher Philadelphia Midfield
James Wittmeyer Philadelphia Attack
Alex Woodall Philadelphia Faceoff
Courtesy of Major League Lacrosse
Courtesy of Major League Lacrosse
Courtesy of Major League Lacrosse